Our nuts+++

Hi Guys! I’m Salima and I started Salted Cashew in 2018 for those who are always hungry, on the go, and needing a little more help with stocking up the kitchen with grab and go nut, seed, and dried fruit mixes.

So lets back up for a minute: Salted Cashew was inspired by my mother who is living with a degenerative disease and food changed and extended her life for the better. This is where it all started, from countertop jars to packaged bags for the car, I was on a mission to create yummy, nutritious, and healthy snacks.

Fast forward to today, we have got you covered with 5 nut and see mixes because really making eating healthy easy does not always allow for DIY. Oh and let me quickly mention that working with local business’ are part of our core. Sourcing directly from Napa Nuts in Petaluma enables us to ensure the highest quality product. So whether you are a sweet or savory lover, we got your back, supporting smart snacking that is both healthy for you and delicious tasting!